Five Things Friday: Top Five Fictional Siblings

I’m very close to my younger sister so I’m very excited when I read books with powerful sibling relationships. Here are five of my favorite fictional sibling relationships.

The Other Half of My Heart

5. Minerva and Keira -The Other Half of My Heart

The interesting thing about these sisters is the racial differences they must deal with. Keira looks like their mom; black. While Minerva looks like their dad; white. But the beautiful thing is that while they deal with this they are able to be first and foremost sisters.

The Rock and the River

4. Stick and Sam -The Rock and the River

These brothers fought a lot and disagreed. They had different view points. But they loved one another. Sam looked up to Stick and Stick looked after Sam.


3. Sean and Frannie -Feathers

Jacqueline Woodson writes beautiful sibling relationships. Sean and Frannie’s relationship was very realistic, not lovey-dovey all the time. And the fact that Sean was deaf, deepened their conversations and interactions.

Miracle's Boys

2. Lafeyette and Ty’ree -Miracle’s Boys

Lafeyette and Ty’ree spend lots of time together and they have deep conversations. They also work through the problems with their other brother together. I love their relationship and this book has impacted me so much. Go read it!

One Crazy Summer

Drumroll please…1. Delphine, Vonetta, and Fern -One Crazy Summer series

This series needs a legit fandom. It is pure epicness on paper. I’m starting the One Crazy Summer fandom y’all! Anyway, the Gaither sisters give me sisterhood goals. They say things one after the other, fight like bosses, and stand up for each other. They’ve been through so much together and their sister love is so strong.

Now go read these books then hug (or playfully punch) your sibling.

Until next time

Stay fly friends!


Who are your favorite fictional siblings?

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