Put Down the Ketchup! aka Why I Am a Burger Purist

Jackson burger from The Southern Kitchen and Bar in Birmingham AL

Sue me, but I think it’s wrong to put ketchup on a burger. I know, you might be thinking that a burger isn’t a burger without ketchup, but I’m here to tell you that it is. A really good burger with well-seasoned meat, a good quality bun and fresh toppings can stand on its own.

Now, I do put some ketchup on my burger if it’s a normal patty, bun, lettuce and tomato kind of thing. But I also add sriracha and mustard, I make it an experience.

It always hurts my heart when I’m in a restaurant and someone orders a specialty burger then proceeds to drench it in processed, sugar loaded, gloppy ketchup. Let that pesto aioli stand on its own bruh!

My plea is that even if you continue to drench you burger in ketchup. Do one thing; taste it first, experience that delicious beef and soft bun and a beautiful burger in all its glory. It may surprise you.

Stay fly


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