Five Things Friday: Five Reasons You Should Start Baking

I love baking. Throwing powdered sugar around like snow, decorating tiny masterpieces with frosting, filling the house with the scents of vanilla and cinnamon, yep that’s the life.

Everyone should start baking and here’s five reasons why:

5. The possibilities are endless

Are you not a fan of pies? Bake cupcakes. Can’t have gluten? Bake gluten free. Baked goods have such a wide spectrum that anyone can find something they love to eat.

4. It’s fun

Try not to feel like a bomb Martha Stewart as you take your homemade fruit tart out of the oven, I dare you.

3. You get a great workout

Whipping egg whites for 5 minutes with a hand mixer is definitely going to make you stronger. And have you ever tryed flipping a bundt cake out while it’s hot and not dropping the cake or the pan? It’s better than Crossfit.

2. It teaches you problem solving

A couple weeks ago I was making cinnamon rolls for breakfast. But on that day the kitchen was warmer than normal, causing my cinnamon rolls not to hold their shape. They baked together into the pie pan and it was impossible to seperate them. So I slathered on the icing and sliced it up. Voila! Cinnamon roll pie was born.
1. The results are sweet

Baking is best when you can eat by yourself in the dead of night share it with family and friends. And face it, dessert is always better than dinner.

Stay fly and start baking



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