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Travel Diary: Twin Cities Day 2

The second day of our Minneapolis/St. Paul trip was one of my favorites.

Oftentimes on vacation everyone is lazy and getting up and about takes longer. That’s what happened and since it was a weekday we completely missed the restaurants’ breakfast window.

But we had a great lunch/first meal of the day at Pineda Tacos. I got the Taco Bravo with chipotle pork. It was super spicy but tasty and filling.

Then we drove out to Lake Calhoun and walked along it. We also took some fun pictures on the pier. The weather was beautiful and the lake picturesque.

Lake Harriet was close by so we drove to that area and went to the Peace Garden and Rose Garden across from it.

The gardens were beautiful and there were pretty birds all around. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the birds because toddlers kept scaring them away :(.

Next we drove out to an area called Linden Hills, it reminded me of the Hillsboro Village area in Nashville.

There was a cute little children’s bookstore there that my mom had heard about called Wild Rumpus.

Our whole family thoroughly enjoys childrens books and bookstores so a bookstore devoted to children was heaven. It even had a mini door I walked through. They had picture books, MG fiction, YA fiction and even some adult offerings. I came away with a list of new books to read.

After perusing the bookstore we went to get ice cream at a place called Sebastian Joe’s. I got the Plum Ginger Sorbet in a handmade cone. It was delicious.

Later that day we explored an area called West End Boulevard, this area reminded me of Nashville’s Green Hills. It had lots of elegant boutiques and specialty stores.

We went into a little place called Kittsona, which was like a mix of Kate Spade and Anthropologie. it had this really cute rug in it that I may DIY in the near future.

Then we went into Apricot Lane Boutique and a painting place called Brush Studios, just to look around.

Later that night, very late in fact we had pizza delivered to the hotel room. Unfortunately I was so tired I didn’t take a picture of it and no one remembers the name of the restaurant. It was good though.

Stay fly and stay tuned for Day 3


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