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Travel Diary: Twin Cities Day 3

Day 3 started with breakfast and extended family at The Good Day Cafe. You know the feeling of being at a great restaurant but not ordering the right thing? That’s what happened to me that day. I got The Big Luigi and it was good but I knew I could do better.

I loved the decor at The Good Day Cafe and the service was excellent. If you go ask for Michelle she was our super sweet server, who recommended menu items and even snapped a family photo for us.

Next we went to The Mall of America, which is the biggest mall in the US of A. It has four levels that are about the size of normal malls. We didn’t get to see even a quarter of it but the stores we went to were incredible.

We first went to a tea shop called David’s Tea. It reminded me of Teavana but with a more fun and colorful personality. The teas were named like nail polish colors which I thought was genius.

Then we went to the holy grail of day 3: Marbles The Brain Store. It’s a game store where the games are set out for you to play. They teach you how to play and play with you. We spent a good hour and a half in that store and bought three games: Otrio, quoridor, and Square Up.

Naturally, we worked up an appetite playing games, so we went to Crave in the mall. Crave was a slightly upscale sushi and entree place. I ordered the Jerk Marinated Shrimp Salad. It was delicious and had some serious kick.

Later on we stopped by Ikea, we definitely need one Nashville.

Then a couple hours later we went to My Burger for dinner. I had a love hate relationship with this place because my burger was mediocre the fries were bad but the root beer was the bomb. 

Minneapolis is known for 1919 root beer and though I don’t like root beer I wanted to try it. Root beer is generally too sweet for me, but this root beer changed my life!  It was crisp and sweet yet had a pleasant bite. I highly recommend it.

Stay fly


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