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Travel Diary: Twin Cities Day 4

Day four was our last full day in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Before Church we went to The Good Day Cafe again to have breakfast. This time I got The Crab Cake Eggs Benedict, and shared a chai latte with my mom and sister. Everything was delicious, the hollandaise sauce was delicious and the crab cakes paired well the english muffin.

Because it was Sunday we drove to St. Paul to attend the oldest black baptist church in Minnesota; Pilgrim Baptist. Their choir was amazing full, loud and energetic. They sang a song I love: Faithful is Our God by Hezekiah Walker, they performed it so well.

Afterwards, we went to Truce Juice, a cold-pressed juice shop. I ordered the Charcoal Lemonade after I found out they were out of The Glow Greens. The juice was tasty albeit mad expensive. And the activated charcoal turned my tongue black for a while, which wasn’t fun.

Our last event in Minnesota was a cook out with our extended family. Which was a fantastic time with fabulous food. It was nice meeting some family I’d never met and talking about our time in Minnesota with them.

Later that night my parents picked up some dessert for us at Sprinkles, a little bakery. I didn’t love my cupcake: the cake was a bit dense but I enjoyed the flavor

The day was short so we could get some rest but we had an excellent time.

Stay fly


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