Bookworm Confessions

Real talk guys, I have lots of quirks/confessions associated with reading. A while ago Cait shared her bookworm confessions and I thought it would be fun to share mine (I’m honestly not trying to copy her, but she has great posts 🙂

I don’t like covers with people on them.

This means those book covers with the green eyed model girl on them. You know what I’m talking about. I don’t mind art with people, or realistic looking photos, but those editorial style, instagram-like covers irritate me.

I read books I love super fast

I read Miracle’s Boys by Jacqueline Woodson in two hours, Life in Motion by Misty Copeland  in about 8 hours (it was about 350 pages). I’m not the fastest reader in life, but if I like a book I devour it.

I dislike YA contemporary

Well, really MG contemporary too. I’ve yet to find a mainstream YA contemporary novel I like.

I read books I dislike very slowly

Sometimes, when I have to read a book that I’m not engrossed in I take weeks to finish it. And then I freak out about how long it’s taking me.

I don’t like the smell of books

I know, it’s a bookworm thing to smell books and be obsessed with their scent. But I don’t understand why people like it, just… no thank you.

I don’t buy books

The only time I buy books are for school and if I’ve read the book multiple times and love it. I recently bought a book that I thought I loved and am regretting it. I’d rather spend my money on clothes… sorry not sorry.

I listen to music when I read

Some people might find it distracting, but sometimes I just really need to jam and read at the same time.

I need chapter numbers and titles

I dont really like it when books have only a chapter number or only a chapter title. I need both, so I know where I am in a book, and because titles are fun.

I like to cry over books

People think I’m strange, but I like to have an emotional connection with books, for them to move me in a real way.

I like author’s notes

Most people that I know dislike intros, author’s notes or historical notes, but I love them. I like knowing the author’s mindset behind a story and the extra information.

That’s all for now, What are you bookworm confessions?

Stay fly



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