Happy Birthday to Me ~15 Random Facts

Hey friends,

Today is my birthday,  so in honor of this epic day in history (Btw I share a birthday with MLK ) I’m sharing 15 random facts about me for my January 15th birthday.

  1. I used to want to be an astronaut  ~Honestly, this is crazy because I don’t really like science and I’m too bougie to live in space, but in 3rd grade I really wanted to go to the moon.
  2. I like movies that make me cry ~Media should move people and the best movies have moved me to tears.
  3. I’ve never had a cavity ~And I hope I never get one, pray for me.
  4. Three different people have told me I should be a hand model ~One of my old ballet teachers, a cashier at Kiehl’s and a random woman in the grocery store have told me I should hand model. Yet, none of them know how I can get into it, so if you know a hand modeling agent let me know. There’s a picture of my hand for your pleasure.
  5. I love good music ~Strong bass lines, epic drums, electric guitars, soulful vocals, horns, fabulous lyrics, I’m there for it. But don’t give me any of that autotune, same three beats junk, I won’t have it.
  6. I don’t like Halloween ~We never celebrated it when I was younger but last year I went to a friend’s party… I don’t get the hype of this holiday.
  7. I love makeup… but I dislike wearing it ~I could watch GRWMs, MOTD, and Beauty hauls all day long and I lowkey  highkey want to be a makeup artist, but I didn’t like the way it felt on my face when I got it done for a ballet performance. I would be willing to try it again though.
  8. I don’t know if I’m an Introvert or an Extrovert ~The first time I took a personality test I got INFJ then about a year later I took it and got ENFJ. Another test said I was an ambivert so I’ll go with an ambivert NFJ.
  9. I love wearing lipstick ~I know I said I don’t like wearing makeup but I lied   love wearing lipstick, its so easy but instantly elevates a look.
  10. I’m super enthusiastic about #blackgirlmagic ~I can’t help it, I just love seeing black women slay at life, and I’ve been known to have sudden outbursts when I see black girls killin em. #sorrynotsorry
  11. I used to wear really boring outfits ~When I was 10-11 my wardrobe consisted of mostly colored jeans, Aeropostale graphic tees, and neon Chuck Taylors. Ok so, boring isn’t the right word with all that color but compared to my creativity in outfits before and after, that was a bright   dark fashion time in my life.
  12. I love the Cosby Show ~Probably my favorite TV show of all time, their family reminded me so much of my own, it was high-larious, and it promoted such positive images of real black life.
  13. Hamilton is my life ~I’ve never seen the actual show but the cast recording is bomb, I even got the book: Hamilton the Revolution for Christmas. The world will never be the same.
  14. I have really bad spacial reasoning skills ~No, I’m not clumsy, but I can’t open bags of things, break Hershey’s bars, or determine which container will fit my amount of food.
  15. There is almost no food I won’t eat ~I love exotic foods and I am the least picky person in my entire close-extended family, bring on the foods.

There ya go! Those were 15 random facts about me. Stay tuned because the next couple of blog posts will be about my birthday turn-ups.

Stay fly


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