The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Foodie Boss

One of the most exciting things in life is trying new foods, experiencing new cuisines, and finding the new favorite food you were scared to try.

But, some people never experience these epic feelings because they don’t know how to branch out and try new foods. So, I’m here to tell you how to do just that.

Get out of the house

If you sit at home all the time you’ll not easily find new restaurants to explore. Some of my favorite restaurants we’ve found by passing them in my city. An easy way to find places is to simply keep your eyes peeled as you go about your normal traveling, train yourself to feel when a hip restaurant is nearby, it’s an invaluable skill.

Go Local

Yes, you could find something new and different at Chili’s… but you won’t. So leave chains behind and opt for cool spots in your city. Once you go local, you can’t go back.

Pinpoint a city’s signature

If you’re going out of town do some research and find out what the city you’re going to is known for, if you’re in Chicago eat Chicago style pizza, and so forth. When in Rome eat as the Romans do.

Ask your server for recommendations 

Now that you’re at a real jazzy spot you found while out and about in your city, the next step is ordering. When I don’t know what to order I always ask my server what they like. Waiters and waitresses have tryed all of the items on the menu and can give you helpful hints. Sometimes, the most popular or hyped item isn’t all that, if so your server can most likely tell you, and direct you to something better.

Order based on your tastes

Even though you want to branch out and try something adventurous don’t go crazy. If you don’t like fish, don’t eat sushi. Instead, pinpoint a flavor you like and try something new with that in it. For instance, if chicken fingers are your go to try ordering tempura shrimp, which is battered and fried like chicken tenders, but also has an elevated spice blend.

Eat other people’s food

I wouldn’t recommend going food adventure-ing alone. There’s something special about eating new foods with people… but only if you like the people. So, go with your family or friends, this is also good if you don’t like what you ordered you can just eat theirs.

Be a Food Network judge

After you finish your meal evaluate it, determine what you liked, disliked, and whether you would order it again. This helps you to know what you might order next and whether this restaurant was a winner or naw. Plus, if you pretend to be your favorite cooking show judge, it’ll be fun.

Try again

You did it, you ordered something that wasn’t chicken tenders. You took my advice and settled on something new…but it sucked. Wait! Don’t give up, it doesn’t always work out the first time, but if you take my advice from above and evaluate your meal, you can make it epic the next time around. Food, like everything else is trial and error, so don’t give up and return to the arms of your chicken tenders when you deserve better.

If you follow this guide, I assure you, you will become a foodie boss. But it won’t happen overnight, I have over ten years of foodie bossdom under my belt, it takes time. Patience grasshopper.

Eat well and Stay fly,


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