TBR Tour

There’s never a time when I don’t have a ton of books that I want to read, but at the moment I have a surplus that I wanted to share.

The Golden Compass ~Philip Pullman

A fantasy read that I’m trying to give a chance. I tried reading it and something didn’t click but I’m going to give it another go because the premise sounds good.

How to Get a Meeting with Anyone ~Stu Heinecke

A non-fiction book that’s on my radar, the title is really intriguing. I hope it actually tells me how to get a meeting with anyone.

American Street ~Ibi Zoboi

I love reading books with MCs of different cultures so this book about a Hatian immigrant sounds amazing. It’s also a very popular YA book that I actually want to read, plus it’s on order from the library so it should get here soon.

Design Your Life ~Rachel Roy

I’m hoping this personal style self-help book will have good tips. I saw it at Barnes and Noble as I was buying Steal Like an Artist and it looked interesting, plus I like Rachel Roy’s designs. As an aspiring fashion stylist I always want to keep learning about fashion and personal style.

Dear Martin ~Nic Stone

This book won’t be released until October and I can hardly contain myself. It’s the debut book for Nic Stone, who I hope will become a staple in YA lit. Advertised as similar to The Hate You Give, this book is about a boy who witnesses police brutality and starts a series of letters to Martin Luther King. I’m gonna get my life with this book!

This is no where near even half of by to be read list, but I hope some of these books looked interesting or inspired other books for you.

Stay fly,


Have you read any of these books? What’s on your TBR?

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