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May Playlist

Since May has almost come to a close I decided if would be fun to do a look at what I listened to throughout the month of May. This is by no means a complete list because I listen to a lot of music, but these are songs that have been constantly on repeat. Check out my May Music playlist on Spotify to give these songs a listen.

A Song Called He Reigns -Geofferey Golden

This isn’t a new song but I’ve been listening to it a lot more lately. The background singers harmonize so well and I love Geofferey’s voice. Also the lyrics are so hopeful and filled with truth, “He reigns, though many don’t belive. He reigns, every nation soon will see. Even though it hurts within, we know in the end we win…”

All of Me -John Legend

I have no idea why I suddenly started listening to this song again but it’s such a sweet love song. And obviously John Legend has an amazing voice, I also love Chloe and Halle’s cover version on Youtube.

You’re Welcome -Jordan Fisher/Lin Manuel Miranda

Jordan Fisher and Lin Manuel Miranda are epic, so even though I haven’t seen Moana yet I instantly fell in love with this song. It’s so infectious, and can we take a moment to appreciate the mega high note Jordan hits… I meaannn!

May I Have This Dance -Francis and the Lights feat. Chance the Rapper.

I’ve been listening to this song everyday for weeks now and I can’t get enough of it! I originally listened to be because Chance is in it and I heard he danced in the video, and can I say this is my current fave music video. Honestly, you must watch it! The dancing is impeccable and the beat of the song is perfect.

When River’s Cry -Somi feat. Common

The orchestral melody and serene feel of this song bring you in, Somi’s voice makes you stay, and the lyrics keep the song with you. This song is contemplative and nostalgic about days gone by and is a little bit sad. Also Common’s in it, I love Common, and his verse is epic.

Empire State of Mind Part II Broken Down -Alicia Keys

I don’t like Jay Z’s part in Empire State of Mind all that much but I love Alicia’s part so this is perfect. It makes me want to go to NY so bad! Also note the bass line and how there’s a crescendo after the vamp…golden!

Cold War -Janelle Monae

The whole Arch Android album is lit and creative, she essentially created a whole new world represented in this record. The music in the track is so complex and intriguing and the lyrics really made me think about what I’m fighting for…deep stuff.

Blessings (Part II) -Chance the Rapper

I originally thought this was a reprise of the earlier Blessings, and while it has similar elements it’s a whole different song. I like it a million times better than the first Blessings (which is a good song) because the verse is so creative. He uses great wordplay (like cold and Cole as in Nat King Cole), movie references (Mufasa from The Lion King), and really quotable lyrics (“The people’s champ must be everything the people can’t be…”). I love this song to the moon!

Stay fly,


What have you been listening to lately? Do you like/know any of my songs? What recommendations do you have for me?

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