28 Days of Black Authors ~Day 1

Hey, Happy Black History Month!!!

For the entire month of February I’ll be focusing on one black author per day. Today’s author is Sundee T. Frazier.

Sundee T. FrazierGrowing up, she always asked questions and looked at the world with fresh eyes. So, it was natural for Sundee to become a writer, although it took her by surprise.

She’s the author of two nonfiction books dealing with multicultural identity and interracial relationships. Along with that she wrote the Cleo Edison Oliver and Brendan Buckley series, and a book I personally love: The Other Half of My Heart.

The Other Half of My Heart is a sweet narrative that deals with racism and societal standards of beauty in an amusing and enjoyable way. It chronicles the story of two sisters: Minerva and Keira King. One looks white, and the other black which presents problems when they take a trip to the deep South. Throughout this narrative, Mrs. Frazier expertly focuses on family and sisterhood, in a personal way.

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