28 Days of Black Authors ~Day 2

What’s good guys?

It’s day 2 of my black history month series. If you haven’t seen day 1 check it out here. Today’s author is Booker T. Mattison.

Booker T. Mattison

Not limiting himself to one industry, Mattison is a professor at the University of Georgia as well as a filmmaker. In the realm of books he’s written two novels: Unsigned Hype and Snitch, and is working on his third: Friendship Village.

I personally loved Unsigned Hype and look forward to reading Snitch. Unsigned Hype chronicles the life of Tory Tyson: aspiring rapper and musical prodigy, whose career suddenly blows up. This book is rich with details for hip hop lovers and plenty of humor for those who could care less about hip hop. Tory’s character is quite relatable and humorous: everyone probably knows at least one person like him in real life.

Mattison brings balance to the subject of sudden fame: he shows the benefits and disadvantages equally well and realistically. This book is perfect for the hip hop obsessed, rapper aspiring, or humor enthusiast.

Stay fly,





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