28 Days of Black Authors ~Day 24

Booker T. Washington

It’s crucial for each individual to tell his or her story, especially in a world where everyone voices opinions on who a person is and who they should be.

Booker T. Washington’s autobiography Up From Slavery chronicles his life from childhood in slavery to his success with Tuskegee Institute. Seeing an in-depth look at his journey allowed me to realize how his circumstances influenced his philosophy.

Some fault Booker T. Washington for being too sympathetic to white people after slavery or not thinking that black people were capable of more than labor. But reading this narrative, I see how big of a transition it must have been to go from slavery to freedom in one lifetime. I admire his reconciliatory spirit and his emphasis on education. And I see the difficult spot he was placed in, trying to raise money for his school.

Booker T. Washington was a resilient and dedicated person: walking for miles just to get to Hampton to get an education (shout-out to my Uncle: a Hamptonite), never giving up on Tuskegee Institute, and working hard to help lift up his people.

I recommend that everyone read this autobiography and hear the story of this great man from the man himself.

Stay fly,


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