28 Days of Black Authors ~Day 27

Jacqueline Woodson

I still remember the day I turned the final page of Miracle’s Boys. I still remember the tear stains on the page. I still remember the presence of the characters as if they were in my room. I still remember the hunger that gripped me to read more. More books that impacted me, more books about people like me, more books by Jacqueline Woodson.

Miracle’s Boys tells the story of three brothers: Lafayette, Charlie, and Ty’ree, struggling with the aftermath of their mother’s death and the pain that comes with growing up. The pain that oozes from these pages is balanced only by the joy that lines them. Jacqueline Woodson creates a beautiful narrative that speaks about the truths of life and death and family.

For some reason I’m always drawn to melancholy stories, especially those about death and pain. I think partially because seeing character’s deal with pain helps us as readers adequately handle our own. Each brother grieves differently and this shows how people grapple with tragedy realistically, Ms. Woodson writes in a way that we can find ourselves in Lafayette, Charlie, or Ty’ree. And what I’ve found in Ms. Woodson’s narratives is a space to take in and release pain along with my favorite characters. I don’t think I’ve ever cried over so many books by one author as I have with Jacqueline Woodson, the depth and beauty with which she writes is awe-inspiring.

Miracle’s Boys not only examines death and pain though, it looks at the duality of the human personality through Charlie’s character. Lafayette constantly refers to him as “New Charlie” because he seems to be a different person. Tough experiences have changed him for better or worse and this book seeks to show both sides of that better/worse coin.

I was truly changed by this narrative and each of Ms. Woodson’s books that I’ve read have become a small part of me. I hope that you’ll read Miracle’s Boys and that you’ll find something in it to love the way I do.

Stay fly,



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