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What I Eat in a Day

We love spontaneity over here! This morning I randomly decided to do a “what I eat in a day” post so I just did it! Here’s a real life example of what I like to eat, of course it varies but this is an accurate representation of my food tastes.


Omelet + kombucha

For the first meal of the day I whipped up a two-egg omelet with spinach, tomatoes, leftover jerk chicken from last night’s dinner and mozzarella cheese. Honestly, the omelet fell apart but she still cute and tasted amazing.

I might be a bit of a kombucha addict and this pineapple peach one is a favorite of mine.


Spring rolls + peanut sauce + green grapes

To take to work, I packed homemade spring rolls with peanut sauce. (If you want to watch my mom demonstrate how to make them, check out my IG story “food” highlight). We just learned how to make spring rolls so they aren’t super polished yet, but they’re delicious. Stuffed with cucumber, red bell pepper, green onion, and carrots, these are pretty healthy. On the side, I had green grapes because those are the ONLY kind of grapes.

Also can we talk about this adorable pink bento box?


Tacos with mango salsa/avocado + cabbage salad

Dinner time! My mom made tacos for Taco Tuesday and they were quite tasty! The spice of the meat with the sweetness of the mango salsa, with the acidity of the cabbage slaw was to die for. And look at how golden and crispy these tortillas are!

That’s a wrap for what I ate today! Let me know what you guys are eating!

Stay fly,


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