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I Think About This A Lot: G-Dragon in Fantastic Baby

The Cut has this series called I Think About This a Lot where editors discuss the pop culture moments they can’t get out of their heads. I’m the queen of replaying random moments and fixating on various things so I decided to do a bit of artistic thievery and create a little series of my own.

At 0:03 seconds into BigBang’s Fantastic Baby music video we see G-Dragon sitting on a throne. It’s in the middle of what looks like the basement of an electrical company because there are pipes and wires everywhere. GD is wearing black boots, a black and white striped suit with stars, and holding a scepter. He’s decked out in black and white gloves, a giant gaudy cross necklace and obnoxiously large belt buckle…the latter two are bejeweled to match the scepter. His left eye is smoked out with a gloriously smudged black stain and his right eye…well we can’t see his right eye because it’s covered by his hair.

It’s brown transforming into fiery orange. It’s easily 20 feet long. It’s draped over the throne and blending into the orange wires. On the other side it’s shaved close and conservative…in short it’s the stuff asymmetrical cut dreams are made of.

He looks like a character from the Hunger Games (which interestingly enough premiered a mere three weeks after this video) maybe Caesar Flickerman’s Korean cousin. The look is a mixture between powerful dynastic dictator and quirky 50s bandstand host. It is incredibly extra, insanely gutsy, and iconically unforgettable…basically it’s intrinsically G-Dragon.

Kwon Ji Yong or G-Dragon is the leader of legendary kpop boy group BigBang, the k-idol who earns the most money from songwriting/composing royalties, and the man dubbed King of kpop. Even if you don’t know anything about the genre you’ve most likely seen G-Dragon before. He’s a mogul and fashion personality in his own right, the “Iguana Idol” who changes his hair color often, and one of Hypebeasts faves. There aren’t many people who could pull of this look like GD does. He’s got the attitude and the shameless confidence.

Later in the video he sports an all white outfit trading in the long orange for a tamer blond. But tame isn’t the move because GD sports a spectacular black and white lip with feather detailing. It stands out in desolation of the background and against his heavily lined eyes, perfectly coiffed brows and slightly contured face. As one who has never shied away from mixing feminine and masculine elements and pushing the envelope in fashion and makeup, this is so on brand for Ji Yong and I completely dig it.

Fantastic Baby has been viewed over 417 million times and I’m sure everyone who saw G-Dragon in it had something to say. That’s what I love about GD…you can love him or you can hate him but you can never ignore him.

Stay fly,


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