COVID-19 + Coming of Age

Each age cohort has a defining moment or moments. Millennials came of age during 9/11, Boomers during the social revolutions of the 60s, and Gen X during the Cold War. But we children of the new cohort: Gen Z aren’t quite sure what our defining moments will be. As I sit here typing this, my classes are cancelled, senior prom is up in the air, my international senior trip is a no go, and I’m praying I’ll get to walk across the stage with my friends and family in attendance. I wonder if this worldwide pandemic is what will define Generation Z.

We are seeing xenophobia and anti-Asian sentiments left and right, violence and selfishness, people hoarding as if it’s every man for himself, and an incompetent President scrambling to keep the market from crashing and his ratings from falling in the face of an election…and that’s just talking about America.

The cynicism of Gen Z is glaring…we don’t know a world without terror and panic so in some ways this is an everyday thing…but we’re feeling this just like everyone else, maybe more so, and behind our self-deprecating humor and end of the world Tik Toks…we’re kinda scared. We’re entering a workforce and school systems that can’t support us, our colleges are shutting down and we can’t always go home. We’re dissatisfied with a system that forces people to work in climates like these because they don’t have paid leave and closes public schools when that’s the only place for children to go.

There’s enmity and uncertainty and we’re really tired. Tired of a failing system, tired of not being able to escape the panic, and tired of not knowing what the future will hold. It’s a bit cliché a bit preachy but it’s still true…we may not know what the future will hold but we know who holds the future. Our generation…and the world, are in God’s hands.

Anyway, let’s get back to making silly Tik Toks so our grandkids will know how we survived the pandemic of 2020.

Stay fly,


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